About Us

RS Tritek Corp is an Export Oriented Unit located in INDIA. It is a complete unit providing services to the customers with quality professionals and processes and cutting edge technology expertise. The objective of RS Tritek Corp is to combine creativity with experience to achieve and deliver quality solutions which in turn help achieve desired results for our clients.

The projects which we have done in past has allowed us to use creative and expert skills on mass projects which range from custom designed software applications to comprehensive product development. We have no compromise with quality at any level of activity at RS Tritek Corp. From the start of the concept of the project to the final delivery we stick to our time-tested procedures to achieve a final product which is in compliance with best of the industry standards. We use planned testing by software and conduct technical reviews to maintain the quality we promise our customers.

RS Tritek Corp. has been highly rated amongst its global clients. We understand the corporate and individual needs and our objective is to provide the best solutions. The change in technology and business modules has always motivated us to provide finest solutions keeping an eye on our policy to deliver quality products. To cope with the fierce competition we apply creativity and constant monitoring of our performances. Our goal is to inculcate professionalism in each aspect of our business.

The following are the rules we abide by:

In Depth Analysis
Regular Demos
Complete protection of data